Soccer CLI

Soccer scores for hackers. Command-line interface for ⚽️

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*football ⚽️😉 Seriously though, Leicester to win the Premier League this season then?
@lexkon I grew up just outside of Manchester in the early 90s... Even as a United supporter I say Leicester for the win. There's just something about the romanticism of the underdog.
@lexkon Yup! I named it soccer to avoid confusion with american football. If I were to name it again I would name it football-cli. Another United supporter here and I even am wishing for Leicester to win!
@nathenmcvittie I'm sensing some partisanship here 😏
Nice nifty tool for all the brogrammers out there who spend a lot of time with the terminal, and want to get updates on latest football score. :D
Are you using any API for getting fixtures and results
@sumitobroi Would like to know what api too.
@sumitobroi We use Here is an amazing collection of football API's if you are looking for some:
@architv07 Add another API to my list. Hadn't seen this one before. A 2 for 1 discovery!
Hello Product Hunters! Soccer CLI is a simple command line utility which I created a while back. It gets all the latest fixtures, standings, league scores, team scores, live scores in the terminal.
Nice work! Any chance of adding international tournaments as 'leagues'? Or the MLS 😜
@jacobhartog That would be a nice addition. Could you open a feature request for this( It would help us keep a track.