SoapBox Pro

An all in one app for managers 🚀

Meet the Manager's sidekick: SoapBox Pro! 🎉

The most beautiful app built for any manager’s 1:1, team, company-wide discussions. Now including an action item tracker built into every agenda, as well as a beautifully simple way of launching AMAs at work, project kickoffs and more. ⚡️

Chris Hayes
Justin Hayes
Shannon Maloney
 +3 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Great 1-1 tool. Great meeting agenda tool.


    Still early stage

    We've been using Soapbox for quite a while now and it's been a great tool for our 1:1's.

    Michael Archibald has used this product for one year.
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Brennan McEachran
Brennan McEachranMakerHiring@i_am_brennan · CEO, Co-founder
Hey ProductHunt 👋 Good to be back to launch our the PRO version of SoapBox. We've been battle testing these features for a while with companies like Intercom, wayfair, godaddy, pathfactory, and more. It's been awesome 🎉 Today, I couldn't be more excited to share this with you. So excited I suckered my co-founder into making all of us a coupon code!! 🥁... First 9 people to use the coupon code "PRODUCTHUNT90" will get 90% off PRO for the first 9 months. Why? Because we've launched here the whole way through our betas and free launches. Everyone in the ProductHunt community has been AWESOME. OK that's all I've got. Ask any questions if you've got em! Brennan
Andy Cook
Andy Cook@andygcook · Cofounder -
Congrats on the Pro launch!
Brennan McEachran
Brennan McEachranMakerHiring@i_am_brennan · CEO, Co-founder
@andygcook thanks! 🙏
Steve Parker
Steve Parker@stevefrompl · Senior Editor at Productivity Land
That UI looks stunning. Congratulations, Brennan. 🎉
Brennan McEachran
Brennan McEachranMakerHiring@i_am_brennan · CEO, Co-founder
@stevefrompl ☺️ thank you. Lots of great, beautiful, stuff coming down the pipe too