SoapBox Chrome Extension

Meeting agendas in Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist + more πŸš€

- Open your meeting agenda in 1 click from Google calendar
- Add to your meeting agendas from any URL
- View your SoapBox next steps in Asana and Todoist
- GSD Mode: Stop yourself from getting distracted on social media with this cheeky feature 😏
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Oooooo I can view my next steps in Asana or Todoist?!? Very exciting.
@jillian_gora2 yep! it's pretty dope.
@grahammccarthy How do I get the next steps in Todoist feature enabled?
@jay_gilbert Right now, we display any open next steps that are assigned to you from your Soapbox agendas on the right side of your Todoist (or Asana) app. To see this working: 1) Make sure you have the Soapbox chrome extension installed and are logged into your Soapbox 2) Add some next steps on the items in your Soapbox agendas and assign them to yourself. 3) Log into Todoist, and you should see the Soapbox next steps that are assigned to you on the right hand side. Let me know if those steps work for you!
Thanks @grahammccarthy. Will need to check out after I do step 0) Have pro account. Appreciate the reply - nice work to the team.
@jay_gilbert Ah yes.... you also need a pro account. If you reach out to our support team, I'm confident they'll give you an extended trial to test it out in more detail. Thanks for the kind words! All the best!
i actually love this
I didn't know I needed GSD mode until I had it. In between meetings you sometimes have that short 5-10 minute lull. I don't know what to do during this period because it's not enough time to fully get into a task so I generally go on Twitter or other social channels. Having that wall show me what next steps I've agreed to is SO key. I'm actually making use of that small little window of time. Can't wait for the extension to help me GSD as it extends to more social channels! Really proud of the team for what they've accomplished with this extension!
Being able to see all my items in my Todoist - amazing!