Soapberry Soap

Toss your chemicals. Use nature's purest soap.

#3 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2016
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Thanks for the hunt Jack! Michael here, the maker of the brand Tree To Tub (can't quite call ourselves the makers of the soapberry since it grows from trees). After a food, and an ed-tech (#500strong) company, I decided to an impact-oriented business with my buddy Brian. We hope to change the way we clean with the "purest" soap from nature, the Soapberry. We went back to my hometown Taiwan, and partnered up with eco-reserves and local communities to sustainably harvest these wild soapberries to make the most natural & gentle shampoo & body wash. Why use harmful chemicals, when you can use the soap nature intended? Give us any feedback or ask us anything, cheers! **hunters can get 40% off everything with code BERRYHUNTER
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@michael60716 This is just incredible Michael! We have such a weird relationship with soap, bacteria lol infocommercials of the 90s lol Glad to see we're going back how it was before we had capitalistic hungry machines focusing on adding food coloring to gels and encourage harmonious living with the environment. Can't wait to buy a bag of this for myself and my mom this week. I'm also extremly sensitive to all of this man made stuff, I've had really bad reactions to some dyes and chemicals in soaps, I always focus on going more natural...this looks like it could be what I've been waiting for!!!!
@nicholassheriff Hey Nicholas, this type of message really means a lot to us! The way we understand cleaning today is vey twisted by all the advertising tricks (e.g. cleanness = chemical lathers + killing bacterias) In body care products alone, there are more than 5000 different types of chemicals used, and less than 200 of them have been tested for safety. Lots of them are known carcinogens or pollutants and are still being used legally in many well-known brands. It DOESN'T have to be like that! Civilizations (Indians, Chinese..) had stayed clean and healthy for thousands of years by trusting nature, we can do the same too!
@michael60716 Trying to use this code at checkout and it doesn't appear to be working...
@quiethabits Oops! sorry, it ran out! I just fixed it, now it should work again, let me know if you are still running into problems Nathan
@michael60716 Awesome! Definitely will check this out. #500STRONG
These guys sold over $40k on kickstarter previously, and are backed by 500 startups.
Is there a hand soap for on the go available? My dad has to use hand sanitiser every time someone shakes his hand haha and by hand soap here I mean like a dry one that you dont have to actually wash with water
@bentossell haha our previous investor Howie Mandel is like that too! Antibacterial soap often contains chemicals like Triclosan, a known endocrine disruptor, so he should definitely watch out. Soapberry is one of the only naturally antibacterial surfactant, and is super gentle. The soapberry body wash would do the job, and we're working on a hand soap and face wash at the moment!
@michael60716 cool... yeh I was thinking more of the hand gels people take out with them (for festivals, public toilets etc)... wonder if there is anything that can be done with soapberry and hand gels
@bentossell interesting! We haven't even thought about that direction. It's seriously on our backlog of potential products now, thanks Ben!
Is this reetha? I remember using it when I was in India, it was AMAZING! So glad you guys made natural products with it! Also michael is infallibly the one person I can always count on who says something, goes out and does it, and succeeds. So anything he does is going to be a big deal
@rebecca_hui LOL thanks for the kind words! and YES it's reetha! It's been used in India and different parts of subtropical Asia for thousands of years to help improve hair quality and treat skin conditions
Soap for the price of penicillin. Truly innovation (in the field of bullshiting).
@baddesigner soapberry is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal just fyi ; )