The social ski tracking app

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I miss the slopes, and this app is eliciting more FOMO. 😁
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! Any plans to go out this winter?
Literally booking a room for this weekend right now so this will come in handy.
@danielsing3r Great stuff, Daniel! Where are you heading?
I've got a few weeks of skiing with friends coming up, I'm excited to try this!
@_patmurray Thanks Pat! Where are you going? And all the way from Australia? I skied Perisher this year to test out the navigation side!
@_patmurray scratch that - just seen you've signed up and read your bio! πŸ˜† see you on the snoww!
@eddytheexplorer I'll be getting up Steamboat and Telluride before I go back to living in Aus next march. Sorry to hear you're a Perisher fan, Thredbo is the only true Aussie resort!
I feel like every time I go skiing/snowboarding I'm always thinking about app ideas. Then, I remember that I only get to go a few times a year... and move onto other things πŸ€”