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Looks cool, can't wait to try it. Two questions: - What's your differentiator from the many existing apps? - How are you doing on battery consumption? Last season I reverted to using my Garmin 'cause my phone would never survive a 9AM - 4PM.
@paulcothenet Hey Paul, so the big difference between other stats apps, is that actually the stats are such a minor part of it, the main thing i've personally found *useful* has actually been the piste maps, and the yodel at your friends feature so that you can find each other more easily when you split up. From the stats point of view though, the "You just beat Syd's personal best" is a real winner. With regards to battery, this is something we obviously are very aware of. We've tried to battle test it quite a lot, I live by a glacier, and have been on the slopes quite a few times this past month making sure you don't have any issues. Using 5C tracking all day, 9-4 with 47% battery left happened one day
@paulcothenet Oh and also, some of the other tracking apps, are dog ugly, and pretty confusing about showing you as many numbers as possible to overwhelm you.
@paulcothenet oh and we also stop any of the "nice touches" (animations etc etc) once your battery drops below 60%
@sydlawrence Awesome, can't wait to try it!
can't wait to use it !
Totally gonna try this on my next trip! Beautiful design guys - kudos!
@JoelleSteiniger Thanks Joelle! Let us know how your trip goes :)
Let me know what you all think, we are pretty proud of this one, and have been enjoying using it on the slopes
Looks cool! Awesome for the USA/CAN, but a bit harder for EU where data plans mean that this will be mainly for locals. You should maybe mention that it can't be used as an alternative to a transceiver.
@Simonatpaddle it doesn't need data to track your stats (but does for the social sides, but syncs when offline/online). Also the laws are changing soon so that you can't have expensive roaming... I'm a UK ex pat living in Austria, still using my UK 3 sim, as I can use data out here as though I was back in the UK :) You'll also be surprised how many resorts now have wifi on the lifts.
@Simonatpaddle the resort i live in for example, Maria Alm (a tiny village in Austria) has wifi on all the lifts (which i myself, was hugely surprised by)
@sydlawrence Yeah i've got 3 too. I was in Alagna,IT last year and using data for maps was really useful off-piste. I'm heading to Austria in December so I'll give it a try!
@Simonatpaddle ace :) where are you headed? Enjoy the snow!
@sydlawrence I've always wanted to check out The Krippenstein in Dachstein but not sure there'll be enough snow. Might need to ask for a first hand report in a few weeks time :P