A "snooze" timer to fall asleep with audiobooks & podcasts

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One night over dinner a friend mentioned he'd been falling asleep with audiobooks📱📖💬 I asked him how he paused it when he fell asleep😴⏸❓ He said he didn't… 😱 We talked sleep timers⏲💤 And agreed they're lacking🙅 You never know how long falling asleep will take, and resetting wakes you back up… ⏲🔁😳 I felt bummed and "wanted my Mom!"👵 When she read bedtime stories she'd save the place when I fell asleep 📖👵💬…😴…📘👵 Introducing SnoozeCast📖📱💬…😴…📘📱⏸ A "New & improved!" snooze timer✨⏲✨💤 It plays on a 5 minute timer that slowly quiets in it's last minute🔊🔉🔈⏸ If you're awake when the volume lowers just knock on your phone to reset✊👊📱 That's a pretty long version already, but if you want the unabridged version of the story Better than the unabridged story😉 are the 40+ classics that come with SnoozeCast thanks to LibriVox!
@benwtnb I may be mistaken but I think Audible does something where it turns off if you fall asleep - although I'm yet to try it and don't know how it works. I do like the idea of listening to audiobooks before going to sleep. Often when I can't get to sleep I end up picking up my phone and reading or flicking through apps which no doubt keeps me awake longer.
@bentossell Audible has the basic sleep timer where you can set a fixed time, and then have to reset it manually. I'm definitely tempted to do the same with apps, but think the non-linear nature of the internet/apps + blue light are no good for getting to sleep.
@benwtnb Great product. Looking forward to trying it out. I fall asleep every night listening to audio books.
@ibaard Awesome! Hope that you might find a gem from LibriVox's library, there's some great classic books included free thanks to their open source initiative!
Passed out while listening to The Invisible Man tonight, then my wife woke me when she got home, came here to write that I love it already!
@johnnylinnert 😁(Didn't know that they made an emoji of my face… or maybe you made my face look just like an emoji with your comment!)
Really neat to see products being built specifically for the podcasting use case. @arturkiulian makes a great point about the creative sensor use. Congrats @playswithfood and @benwtnb on releasing the app.
@matthartman I'd use it to fall asleep to part 2 of the Banshee Wines discussion on Doing Your Business (, but I'd rather be sharp and taking notes when listening to your Podcast, Matt 😉 My go-to podcast for this app is Fiction from the New Yorker: This is a hidden treasure, as are all the other New Yorker podcasts. Especially good if you're keeping your daily news consumption to a minimum but wan't to stay up to date with what's going on. @melisamonteee, a beta tester, gave us the great suggestion to add in ASMR playlists as well, and I found a great one at that I'm trying out this week with interesting results. Thanks Melissa! Finally, by far the most unique one I've found is Sleep With Me (, where the speaker purposefully rambles on about a boring topic to lull you to sleep 😂 It does what is aims to and succeeds at taking your mind off of the day 😊
Have been participating in beta, love the creative use of sensors to keep the app awake, even though I'm not a nightly listener I like the idea and may use it when I'm traveling and stuck in lonely hotels with some good podcast to keep me warm :) Good job guys!
@arturkiulian Thanks for helping us out in the beta! What podcasts are you thinking to fall asleep to? "Harry Potter & The Methods of Rationality" is a great fan-fiction podcast for falling asleep to, if you're as childish as me Not sure I could fall asleep to Joe Rogan as much as I enjoy his podcast!
Looking forward to sleeping tonight ;)
@mkaroumi Hope that the anticipation doesn't make the time pass slower on your Compass⌚️! Please let us know how falling asleep goes and what we can do to improve your 😴
@benwtnb haha! :D yes, I'll send you a report :)