Type out frequently used text snippets in a flash.

Snippet helps you type faster by binding your frequently typed phrases to short terms. iOS style text replacement, for the cross-platform Chrome, for free.

Or, use it to quickly note down something you stumble upon. It comes with a handy search feature and is super easy to modify.

All packed in a lightweight, snappy Chrome extension.

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Hi, everyone! I'm Shiven, a 14-year-old developer from India, and the maker of Snippet. Snippet is a handy chrome extension that allows you to build frequently typed text snippets to short terms. The next time you need to type it out, just key in the term you chose and press the shortcut for Snippet. The term gets substituted by the text snippet it was bound to. Zoom zoom! You could also use it to quickly note down things you stumble upon while browsing. Any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I'd be here to respond to your comments.
@sinha_shiven Hi Shiven, this is a great idea and extension. This is very useful for sentences I use often ⭐️
alt-shift-p on my mac leads to replacing the text with this '∏' not the binding I created
@stoweboyd I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Stowe. I'm now looking into it and would fix it at the earliest.
@stoweboyd I've released an update and it should now work well. Could you now check if you have the latest version and try it?
@sinha_shiven It seemed to work once, but no longer
@stoweboyd It seems to work for everyone I've asked after the update. Could you mention the site you're using it on? Like it currently doesn't work on Google Docs, because they have a very different approach on taking input. Though, I'll try to make it compatible.
Great idea! I can imagine it will come in handy in my line of work but just one issue, it doesn't seem to do anything when I hit alt+shift+P
@aaronoleary Hi, Aaron. You'd need to select the term and then press the shortcut. Does it work fine?
@sinha_shiven Hey! Yeah, I've done that and nothing unfortunately.
@aaronoleary I'm really sorry for that, Aaron. Are you on a Mac?
@sinha_shiven It happens! It's still a great concept and I'm looking forward to trying it! :) Nope, I'm on PC.
@aaronoleary Hey, Aaron. Thanks for the wait. I've released an update and it should now work well. Could you now check if you have the latest version and try it?
awesome... something i was looking for from a long time
@krushnaal_pai Thanks, Krushnaal!
For Firefox or Win?