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Simple yet neat idea. Let's see how it works
@michaelhsc That's great to hear. It's a small thing, but to me perhaps the most valuable feature of the product the way it's presented on the landing page. It's what made me register.
I'm so in love with that I wrote a blog post about why it's actually fair to the people who's content you're using. I make the case by numbers showing how this increases exposure and sharing for the owners of the original content. Also -- most gorgeous UI.
Just discovered and I am blown away by the brilliance of this idea. This may be the marketing tool of the year, IMHO. Consider that, as a business with a specific market, our social media shares are usually very targeted to our followers. Now we can place a CTA on every article we tweet or post, whether it's Mashable, Entrepreneur, HuffPost or our own blog and podcast site. Plus, we can assess the effectiveness with amazing analytics. Total win! Buh-bye, Hello!
I'm into it. Didn't get it at first, but watched the video and got excited. Basically lets you "comment" on any webpage- but the comment actually looks slick. Think the applications are pretty broad.