8-bit video game music

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So much nostalgia listening to these Chrono Trigger tracks. Side note: I wrote a piece about how nostalgia can be used to increase engagement and inspire word-of-mouth. IMO, there are more product opportunities that could be built (or enhanced) with nostalgia.
@rrhoover Yes! Meanwhile, I wrote this about how video game music nostalgia is far more effective a way of reliving a game than playing it:
@rrhoover Hey I can finally comment! :) My brother (@VideoLyft) has started apply thing this very same idea by filling his car with classic video games for the brief ride via Lyft. It is an amazing experience, and his use of nostalgia has made him one of the highest rated Lyft drivers.
I find the lack of Final Fantasy VI on this site disturbing. (Fortunately I own every possible version of the soundtrack already.) UPDATE: *swoon*
I am very happy with this site
Can't express how happy this makes me. For some reason I had the "Duck Tales" opening title in my head the other day. And here it is. :)