Send disappearing messages in Slack

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Hello hunters, Not sure what to say about Snapslack 🤔 It’s pretty self-explanatory! We built it during a Hackathon @eFounders in one long and crazy night and it’s been a loooot of fun… Please explore, tell us if you’re enjoying it as much as we do! If we go beyond 300 installs today we’ll open-source it 😉
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@tiboel @efounders the website is down. This is possible to have an access please to disturb my team with it?
@plougy: we had to change the name, here's the new link ;)
Great way to troll your teammates. 😁 FYI, a few other apps using the "snap" name received cease and desist letters.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I think we'd actually be proud to get such a letter...
@yasmine_guyot @rrhoover you say that now, and then you lose 2 months of productivity trying to rebrand :-) But seriously, cool app.
@yasmine_guyot @rrhoover Yasmine, I got a C&D from Snapchat a few days ago, while they are very cordial they do not mess around. (literally anything close to their brand I have a feeling they will hunt down)
@dohertyjf @rrhoover haha we already have a fallback ;)
@danielsing3r that sucks. They have no legal claim over all things "snap" -- they're just doing this assuming people will fold.
I love the name! 😬
Is the cactus an innuendo?!
Cool / fun idea! I'm actually building a similar product but more focused on security / compliance. I like the idea of the messages disappearing inside of slack too (instead of just expiring in an external system).