Snapseed 2.0

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  • Chris | Vrixe
    Chris | VrixeEdit and open the best moments together.

    Got some more editing tools beyond most out there

    Can control quite a lot on a picture.'

    Has inbuilt tutorials to get you started.


    Aggressive integration with Photos app

    What's better than a app used by most Instagram photographers? This app is one of the few things to come out of Google and still be loved by its users after years.

    Chris | Vrixe has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, great functionality, custom presets


    Creates invisible copies of edited photos

    I love Snapseed and consider it as the best mobile photo editor with a bunch of pro features to make any photo better. I use Tune Image and Curves the most. I especially appreciate Expand function: I use to add some background before rotating a picture to align the horizon — it helps not to cut important details.

    Anastasia Vasileva has used this product for one year.


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Patrick Loonstra
Patrick Loonstra@patrickloonstra · Designer at
One of the best, is not so THE best, photoediting tool om iOS.
Adrian Phillips
Adrian Phillips@rustydingo · VP, Design
The selective adjust in Snapseed has always been one of my photo editing tools for the longest time. Nice to see an updated UI to fit with Google's other apps. Glad to see this app is still getting love as it's probably been on my phone for years now.
Joe Walnes
Joe Walnes@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
Snapseed has always been one of my fav photo editing apps. Better than anything on the desktop (except the now discontinued Snapseed desktop app). So happy to see 2.0!
Ashley Whitlatch
Ashley Whitlatch@ashley_mw · Global Marketing Consultant
This is by far one of my favorite photo editing apps. EVER.
Emil Kristensen
Emil Kristensen@emilgkristensen · CMO
One of the best photoediting tool for IOS.