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Send the perfect gift in a Snap! They choose what they loveπŸ’œ

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Hi Snappers 😎 We are excited to launch Snappy Today! Snappy makes it extremely easy to send the perfect gift but with all the advantages of a gift card - choice and flexibility while keeping it fun and exciting! We are giving away $15 cash to buy some gifts for the first 200 Snappers who try our app and tell us what they love about it :) Promo code - PRODUCTHUNT15 Ready? Set? It takes only 17 seconds.. GO!
I wish all my GIFs with virtual lottery cards.
@nivo0o0 Wohoooo we wish you would get only cool Snappy Gifts from now on :)
Very excited to see you guys on here! Such a cool idea :D
@louise_croft Thanks so much Louise! Happy to be here and let you and everyone else enjoy the Snappy experience, especially now when Christmas is almost here! :)
@louise_croft we are excited to see you here and you're part of the reason why we're here :) did you read our Tech Crunch Article?
Great idea. Good luck!
@nogahsenecky Thanks Nogah πŸ’œ
Love it! What a brilliant idea :) Are there any plans for android release?
@calum_webb Hi Calum, Yes of course! We are working on it and soon everybody will be able to send a Snappy :) right now you can send gifts to Android but not from them. Did you send a free gift?
@hani_gold Fantastic, I look forward to it :). I haven't yet because I only have an android device :(. When sending and receiving gifts, how is the message delivered? Does the receiver have to have the Snappy Gifts app to receive gifts? Also for the gifts to be delivered, what regions are available to deliver gifts to and also, who pays for the delivery of the gift? Obviously, if I received a gift and then had to pay for shipping of the gift, I'd probably be slightly disgruntled, especially if it was a high cost to ship the gift.
@calum_webb Hi Calum, so if you send a gift the message is delivered from your email or from your text message. The recipient doesn't the need to have the app, if they don't have the app then it is received through our web app - You can click on this link to see the experience - Tell us what you think of it :) We currently deliver to the everywhere in the U.S. The delivery is FREE for all gifts in Snappy because we just want all of you to have fun!!
@calum_webb BTW Whats even more amazing is that you can send the collection even before paying for it, there is no upfront payment requested so this way you know that you pay for a gift only if the receipient actually loves it :)
@hani_gold Wow, checked out the web app, the experience is great. Do you have any plans to deliver outside of the U.S in the long run? I really love the idea of the product, great work!