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Josh Cohen
Josh CohenMaker@jshchnz · Co-Founder, ThnkDev
We take privacy seriously and do not collect any account info, all server stuff is done through Snapchat's API. Honestly, we're just two college students who wanted to make a killer Snapchat app for Mac. For fun, not for profit. P.S. You can use Little Snitch to check all server connections too by the way...
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I tried Snappy, another Snapchat client for Mac. Although it worked, it was a little clunky and most importantly, it logged me out of Snapchat on iOS every time I used it (because it's hacking around Snapchat's API's, I presume).
Kartik Mandaville
Kartik Mandaville@kar2905 · Founder - SpringRole
How does this work? Snapchat doesn't seem to have a public API right?
Timan Rebel
Timan Rebel@timanrebel · Managing Partner at NEXT Amsterdam
The big issue is that since Snapchat does not officially support third party apps, you have to enter your account details directly into third party apps. The recent 'hacks' of Snapchat users have all occurred due to bad third party apps. So be aware of this! Hopefully Snapchat will soon open up their API's and enable oauth-like login. The current third-party apps prove the demand, better to enable a safe alternative to the current logins.