Timehop for Snapchat Stories

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Genius, @jgcatalano. I wish I had a recording of all my stories because I love nostalgia.
@rrhoover It sounds like a good idea on paper but this goes against the Snapchat vision of ephemerality, doesn't it? I bet that Snapchat do not want app like that around. @jgcatalano I just went to your Peek website and you have a feature called ' Rewatch Any Story'. Aren't you worried that you could easily get shutdown by Snapchat for doing such thing?
@_alexiroy @jgcatalano yes, it goes against the ephemerality nature of Snapchat but being that it's sent to you privately (afaik), it doesn't really change the dynamic of how one would use it.
@rrhoover @jgcatalano I agree. As long as this does not become a Snapchat public archive
@_alexiroy no we are not too worried about being shut down. We have been live for 2 months now and have not had any problems.
This is kinda cool. Is it just an experiment? How's Peek going @jgcatalano?
@ldesserrey Yeah this is just a fun experiment! Peek is going well, we have some cool new features coming out in the next few weeks that we are really excited about.
@jgcatalano Who's using Peek? Kids or grown ups? Do you use any growth hacks skills to spread it? Just curious.
@jgcatalano @ldesserrey Your website has the username "mysnapchatmemories" which isn't the right one - "mysnapmemories0" (figured this out by clicking through your hyperlink
@tzhongg @ldesserrey Thanks for catching that! It has been updated!
@ldesserrey 15-25 year old females are our largest group of users by quite a bit. We are just implementing some growth hacking stuff as we speak :) I'll report back and let know know how it goes.
Nice idea! Why doesn't Timehop should have an integration with Snapchat. Although I'd prefer to see some of the Snaps I got sent rather than sent myself , but obviously that defeats the object of Snapchat ha
Very interesting – would be nice if there were options to change the frequency. Other than that, I'm very surprised something like this hasn't existed before. Impressive!
@succinct Thanks! What type of frequency options would you like?
@jgcatalano Weekly reviews definitely sounds good! However, to better hold true to Timehop, a throwback to stories a year ago (once you have that data stored of course) would truly be amazing!
Something I would love to use! I would love to see what I was doing on Snapchat say a year or even two ago.