Explore exotic worlds, snap awesome animals

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These animals are SO CUTE! 😍
Reminds me of Pokemon Snap!
As a core gamer, and an early marketer in the mobile space, I've seen and played a LOT of mobile games. This is Pokemon Snap on crack, optimized for mobile. Snapimals hit the nail on the head for me in several ways. The devs show they understand the behavior of gamers on the go...and how to convert casual players into fans. The game is content heavy ( = longer retention = greater monetization), has stunning visuals, and sessions are short and digestible. The animation is charming and pays homage to Felix the Cat art direction / style. Most importantly, this game is easy to pick up, and FUN. The characters exude personality and are just gosh darn cute. I've invested about two weeks of gameplay time, am still on the first world and have yet to feel the monetization pinch. I'd recommend giving @Snapimals a spin! Thanks @jtzou for flagging.
Downloaded it and gave it a go and its super fun! It's definitely reminiscent of Pokemon Snap, but I like how each time you go through a zone the animals are doing something different, so you'll never know what you might see. I also like that the museum gives you hints about what types of shots its looking for to post in the gallery. Now the trick is just to snap those photos!