Take Absurdly Funny Photos...on Command (iOS only)

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Daniel HanksHunter@_hanks_ · Some guy
Hey PH Community, I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of SnapDash, a bootstrapped app from Washington, D.C. SnapDash is an unique iOS app that aims to help you Take Absurdly Funny Photos…on Command. Anyone who’s ever posed for a picture has been told to “do something funny.” We’re simply capturing that process and turning casual photography into a real-life game. Fortuitously, our release coincided with the explosion of the selfie zeitgeist, and our app has given teens a unique twist on the photos that they were going to take anyway by putting their funniest friend IN the camera. We launched in December and have been fortunate to be featured by Apple in several areas, and we have had ~500,000 installs to date. Growing steadily. The Medium post I shared above speaks to our learnings about the sharing proclivities of teenagers and why we designed the product the way we did - might be some interesting finds in there for those you who are curious. Happy to answer any questions. Would love your feedback!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Wow, @_Hanks_! I didn't realize you grew that quickly. Congrats. The app's social + photo + game mechanics remind me of my buddy, @SouheilMedaghri's product, Onefeat. Where did you come up with the idea, Daniel?
Daniel HanksHunter@_hanks_ · Some guy
Thanks @rrhoover - been a fun ride. Yeah...some people do make the leap to OneFeat, Bout, Pictorious, and we don't want to be the app where you win three coins to unlock a filter by taking the best picture of a sailboat in a group of five friends. That seems to be a bridge too far for users, as far as real market successes to date. IAC/CollegeHumor spent seven figures on Bout before shutting it down. We are an idea and an image, with the "game" being more like rapid-fire, real-life improv or charades for the subject(s) in their bedroom or the bar. Think: photo version of Heads Up. I'm a former (mediocre) improv/stand-up comic that was trying to take good pictures of my friends in the back of a bar. After they couldn't think of anything creative, I started shouting out scenarios. This soon evolved into a photo flash mob with 30-40 strangers who didn't want to stop "playing." Weeks later, started work on the app.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Haha, awesome! Do you have any videos of your standup online to share, @_Hanks_? ;)
Daniel HanksHunter@_hanks_ · Some guy
@rrhoover, next question...