Make your own Snapchat intro bumpers

SnapCut is the best way to make your own Snapchat or Instagram bumpers.

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Inspired by Justin Kan's awesome Snapchat bumpers, I thought it would be great if everyone could make their own. Grab a background image, some background music, and even upload your logo if you want. Crack open Snapchat and record your screen. Still a few features in progress, but wanted to get this out there. Happy to answer any questions.
ooooooooooo - I was thinking of this very idea (and yes, @justinkan was my inspiration too)
@stringstory @justinkan always loved those ridiculous intros. I think @tigerwang is to blame. πŸ˜€
So simple - but I think some regular "broadcasters" will like this!! cc @stringstory
Colors 😯
WHAT UP SNAPS. I love it, Chris. Simple and gets the job done.
@hazzajay thanks Hari!