Snapchat x Warby Parker Glasses

Limited edition silver mirrored glasses 😎



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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Genius, announced on Snapchat of course (see some of the screenshots in the gallery). Warby Parker's done this a few time in the past with Ghostly and others. Product Hunt x Warby Parker glasses? 🤔
Martin Otyeka@otymartin
@rrhoover Im trying my best to understand - Where is the genius?
Ross Simmonds@thecoolestcool · + Hustle & Grind
@otymartin Right about here: "Due to popular demand, this item is currently out of stock."
Max Pelzner@whoismaxpelzner · Creative Technologist (
@rrhoover they're sold out already!? Nooooooooo 😢 anyways... follow me on Snapchat 👻 @whoismaxpelzner!
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@otymartin genius in that: (1) Warby announced on Snapchat so you had to add their account to get the URL -- unless you saw it on PH or elsewhere and (2) the campaign will drive more positive WOM for both brands I expect to see these on ebay at a nice markup. 😁
Suzy Ryoo@suzywillow · Atom Factory & Cross Culture Ventures
@rrhoover Others, like: Warby Parker x Warner Bros. 3 years ago for Man of Steel <3 @neilblumenthal @davegilboa's Product Hunt Live Chat
Moe Abbas@moeabbas1
@rrhoover Snapchat is investing in AR through augmented selfie lenses, patent filings, and with their recent hires. With this project they are gaining eyewear experience and testing market demand to see if they can sell their own users AR glasses.
Jonathan Goodwin@jonny_goodwin
@moeabbas1 this is not Snapchats product though.
Martin Otyeka@otymartin
@jonny_goodwin @moeabbas1 Yeah i confused it for Evan Spiegels super secret spy kids glasses.
Andrew Torba@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
I got excited and thought this was an AR HMD! 😎
Nick deWilde@ndewilde · Program Director @ Tradecraft
Thought these were going to be Snapchat's attempt at AR glasses...
Justin Wu@hackapreneur · Growth Engineer, Cofounder @Vytmn
@ndewilde Probably the exact PR headline they wanted to have ha.
Moe Abbas@moeabbas1
@ndewilde Exactly what I was thinking
Connor Hicks@cohix · Developer, 1Password
I think Snapchat missed an opportunity to change that "swipe up to chat" gesture into "swipe up to buy", something like that would make purchases so low-friction you wouldn't have to think twice.
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
I saw the title and got scared for a minute! Then I realized this is just a pair of cool looking sunglasses.