Snapchat x Warby Parker Glasses

Limited edition silver mirrored glasses 😎

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Genius, announced on Snapchat of course (see some of the screenshots in the gallery). Warby Parker's done this a few time in the past with Ghostly and others. Product Hunt x Warby Parker glasses? πŸ€”
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@rrhoover Im trying my best to understand - Where is the genius?
@otymartin Right about here: "Due to popular demand, this item is currently out of stock."
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@rrhoover they're sold out already!? Nooooooooo 😒 anyways... follow me on Snapchat πŸ‘» @whoismaxpelzner!
@otymartin genius in that: (1) Warby announced on Snapchat so you had to add their account to get the URL -- unless you saw it on PH or elsewhere and (2) the campaign will drive more positive WOM for both brands I expect to see these on ebay at a nice markup. 😁
@rrhoover Others, like: Warby Parker x Warner Bros. 3 years ago for Man of Steel <3 @neilblumenthal @davegilboa's Product Hunt Live Chat
I got excited and thought this was an AR HMD! 😎
Thought these were going to be Snapchat's attempt at AR glasses...
@ndewilde Probably the exact PR headline they wanted to have ha.
@ndewilde Exactly what I was thinking
I think Snapchat missed an opportunity to change that "swipe up to chat" gesture into "swipe up to buy", something like that would make purchases so low-friction you wouldn't have to think twice.
I saw the title and got scared for a minute! Then I realized this is just a pair of cool looking sunglasses.