Snapchat Ice Tray

Snapchat's official ghost-shaped ice tray

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A push notification for a Snapchat ice tray? Glad to see Product Hunt is monetizing =)
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@stevenjacobs_ Yeah...turning off push notifications now
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@spgreenwood @stevenjacobs_ Good call. Bad ecosystem when amazing innovations get buried by an ice tray.
@scottweinert not everything needs to be so serious 😁
@rrhoover agreed. I think I'm just bitter because last time I posted something that took over a year to build on product hunt, it never even made the list. It's doing well despite it's invisibility on product hunt, but when I see an ice tray climb the ranks it makes me cringe! ;)
@scottweinert I hear you! We're working on some changes to scale submissions and introduce an element of personalization.
Sell a product that inspires WOM, makes Snapchat top of mind at the party. Super smart, @evanspiegel and team.
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@rrhoover @evanspiegel Also perfect for brands (restaurants, bars, etc) who operate outdoor venues who cater to an audience who uses Snapchat.
I just added this to my collection of physical Snapchat products. Things you can put in your Snapchat Backpack: πŸ‘» Ghostface Chillah Plushie πŸƒ Snapchat Playing Cards β›± Snapchat Beach Towel ❄ ... and now, Snapchat Ice Tray From the description: * Produces eight ghost-shaped ice cubes * Ice cubes are ephemeral - they disappear at warm temperatures * Great for cooling down Mar-ghoul-rita's and Boo-jito's
Just like rapper Ice Cube, these are really cool for a while, but then they disappear.
Tempted to make a 3D model of this to print with silicon or something... hmm... I believe it's possible to!