Snapchat Chat 2.0

All-new Chat with stickers, audio, video notes and more

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Another justification for the $100m rumored acquisition of Bitmoji (h/t @danprimack). Snapchat's turning into a fully featured communication tool. The a-synch calling feature is most interesting: Add me so we can chat 😁
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@rrhoover @danprimack In my opinion, this update makes @snapchat a serious competitor to Messenger by adding phone, audio, and notes, while incorporation its signature snaps. It'll be interesting to see if this will increase the usage of the chat feature. I'm excited to start using it!
The evolution of Snapchat is absolutely fascinating. I remember the criticism Evan Spiegel received for turning down Facebook's $3B offer, but he's a long term thinker. What's most interesting to me is how difficult it can be to explain what Snapchat is, or why it's so successful, to anybody who hasn't used it. But (usually) once you use, you "get it." They continue to amaze me with their product decisions and I'm confident Snapchat will continue to be a part of more and more lives for years to come.
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@redman really not that difficult to explain... minimal friction photo (and video) chat.
Snapchat is the future (at lest for now!). Seriously, this product has so much potential that I love to see new features coming!
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SnapChat is just absolutely everywhere this year! I downloaded it way back when but this year it just seems to be everywhere and everyone is talking about it. Looking forward to seeing their progress further πŸš€
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@bentossell hehe this is the first time I've seen you make a positive comment on a PH post in a while - good to know the 'bad cop' still has soft spots :D
@itscoreyb ha they aren't all bad!! And for what it's worth, text offers the reader the chance to assume tone. I'm always just genuinely interested in why a founder spends time on a specific product. Saying "it's awesome" makes me feel stupid as I've not said or asked anything meaningful. So I like to be the one who asks! I'm always in a good mood, just always intrigued :)
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@bentossell blame @garyvee. It's all his fault. Or maybe DJ Khaled.
First a toy. Then a tool. Then a disruptor. :)
@joshdance sounds like javascript