A monthly box of snacks from around the world

Similar to this product has received some great exposure and commentary on reddit: The maker would rather keep his identity private so I've added the official twitter handle instead. @producthunt feel free to reach out to me if you want me to pass on further details (with permission).
@charlieirish the style of the site is supercool - unfortunately we can't accept "company" accounts.
Lot of subscription boxes using Crate in their name these days ;)
This is great! Added to my growing collection of 'Subscription Boxes'
I've seen your reddit AMA. Great story but I'd like some snaks from North Korea though :)
I love this idea, though I wish you could mix and match. I would rather select maybe 3-4 countries, rather than just one. I think that would allow for more comparison.
@msitver totally agree. definitely awesome idea. would be nice to have some variety. Its the benefits of travelling without leaving your house. Travel to eat! ^_^