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I've said it before... I don't like when you have to enter your number to download the app. Downloading an app already has its friction points, why add another one just to get more data - data is valuable, but at the cost of acquiring new users?
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@bentossell That's a feature of to make it easy for desktop users to get a download link. It's reducing friction right?
@dannyjespinoza @bentossell yeah, that technique is about reducing friction. The data isn't all that useful tbh. If you get a phone number but no activation you can't do anything with it. However in this case where the phone number is the ONLY way to get the download that does add some friction, especially from those who treat their phone number as sacred. An App Store button and a phone number option is probably best.
@dannyjespinoza both options should be present... I want to check out the app on desktop before handing over prime real estate (my phone number)...
@ccarella agreed but if you are on mobile you go directly to the App Store, no phone number required
@bentossell great point Ben, hadn't thought of that
Hi - I'm one of the creators of Snack (formerly product @vevo). Thank you for the feedback and support. We really appreciate it. We're standing by to help answer questions about the product or team. Ultimately, I think email doesn’t have to be boring. Or, as one of our early testers said, "Jon, email can be smart and pretty." This is just the beginning of our journey about how we approach helping people stay connected with the things and the people they love. If you want to learn more, leave a comment or you can message me via LinkedIn @
This is an interesting concept and I can see plenty of companies dying to see this app succeed (more eyeballs to target ads/content at). I'm still unsure whether people would actually download an email app dedicated to reading newsletters. It's a tough sell. But I can see the tech/company being acquired very soon ;)
@rfreling thanks for the feedback and support. I consider this a proof of concept about how to get media and have fun with it.
Again another app not available in the UK store.
@lbrkr sorry about that. Happy to personally send you the build and keep you posted on the new stuff we're doing.
@jondotli I'm sorry,it wasn't meant personally it was a general comment about product hunt. I think a labelling system notifying hunters of where hunts are available would be beneficial. Thank you for the offer
@lbrkr not problem. Makes sense. We chose not to release it globally because honestly, 1) would be harder to target put marketing; 2) we didn't localize; 3) Je ne sais pas?
I subscribe to tons of newsletters but have a hard time reading them. This seems a much better way.
@tobdea - thanks for your thoughts. Just trying to make reading fast and fun.