Smoke Free

Virtual "Quit Smoking Buddy" in your pocket

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Good concept to encourage people to quit smoking.
I'm intrigued, if "Smoking Kills" printed on all smoking packaging seems to not work, why this app would work?
@mirmayne because of the direct and personal feedback: your health improved X%, you've saved X amount of money. For some those images might work. But seeing the health improvement stats and/or the amount money you save, that can be a great stimuli.
@joid Id install if I ever smoked. I'll pass this on.

I've quit smoking a couple of months ago, to be exact: 7M 8d and 9h, according to the app :-) This app gives you the little pad on the back when you need it.

What worked for me was simply to check the amount of money I've saved, when I had a difficult moment. But also checking how your health improved so far was a great help.

I've checked and used other apps. But this one worked for me by far the best.


Great design, Apple Watch app, and overal a good stimulator



Tells you to the second how long you haven’t smoked for, gives you badges which help keep you motivated, avalible on iPhone and iwatch


tells yothe second how long you haven’t smoked for, and calculates the pennies you save



Fantastic APP!!! Recommend it highl!!


Keeps me honest


Nothing!! Only good