SMMartbox by Iconosquare

A curated directory of tools for social media marketers 🔧

SMMartbox by Iconosquare is a curated directory of tools to help social media marketers save time and improve their performance. It includes 150+ tools in 12 categories such as: Monitoring, Photo Editing, Analytics, and more.

You can also stay up to date with the latest tools through a regular update.

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Wow this is amazing. I think you should consider adding to the directory. It is a URL shortener for marketers that allows adding retargeting codes to any link and also tracking, analyzing clicks etc.
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This is a really comprehensive collection, how did you choose what went in? @tania_crds @romain_ouzeau
@abadesi We used multiples ways to build this directory. First we listed the tools we use ourselves and know on the market (competitors included). Then we listed other tools that are recommended on social media marketing blogs. Of course this is just the beginning (150 tools) and not exhaustive (we'll continue to add new tools each month). Next step will be to add some resources (blogs, podcasts, books, tutorials, training).
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