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Apple's new emoji app ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Weeeeird that this is in the store, when it's only for iOS 10. THIS SAID: I'm really excited about iMessage apps in iOS 10. They have so much potential, and can quite deeply integrate with the messages app in ways that are kinda surprising, like being able to drag stickers anywhere in the conversation. There's going to be some great new businesses forged here.
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@ow yeah, noticed that too!
@ow yup! Apple's playing catch-up with Facebook Messenger's platform launch, but uniquely positioned to make a huge impact.
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@rrhoover @ow I wonder if they'll come up with an iMessage Bot platform :O
@ow Presumably it's already up on the App Store because the developer preview is already open and there's a public beta coming soon.
@rrhoover @ow home court advantage ftw
Everyone's making an emoji app: Justin Bieber, Steph Curry, Hillary Clinton. And now Apple, leading up to the public launch of iOS 10.
@rrhoover hate to be that guy, but out of respect for the's Curry (not currie) ;)
@abe_storey shows how much I know about sports. Fixed! :)
@rrhoover hahaa no worries. You're an expert in the Sport of Startups - and that's all that matters!
Honestly that looks weird. I expected something else by apples design standard. I get classic mac stickers - but these smileys are somewhat 2000s looking.
@kuchengnom they're the same ones that have been on the Apple Watch since launch, I believe.
@kylhss @kuchengnom Correct, they do seem to be. And honestly I never use them, because my friends and recipients universally regard them as "creepy". I'm honestly surprised that they keep pushing them.
@rgoodwin oh yeah, theyre super creepy. Still not as creepy as sending your heart beat though...
@kylhss I'm going to disagree with you on this one :) When I was dating someone with an Apple Watch, I found it was actually a very refreshing way to message. There are times you want to just let someone know you're thinking about them, and vice versa, but don't have the time or need to artificially start a conversation, so you just shoot off your heartbeat. When their reply comes in and thumps your wrist for a few seconds, and it really does feel like a pulse, it's very gratifying. (Even more so when you receive one out of the blue.) It's a very personal kind of messaging, and something I hope to see more of in the future. There's plenty of life left in Taptic/Haptic notification tech, I believe. Now, if my colleagues were sending it to me regularly, then I'd probably feel very differently... ;)
@rgoodwin @kylhss @kuchengnom why are they perceived as "creepy"? Don't quite understand how an emoji could be creepy?
Subtle but effective marketing. Apple trying to educate and market users on iMessage apps before they are live.
They have got not just one but 4 emoji app! Smileys, Hands, Hearts and Classic mac.