Send a personalized postcard anywhere in the world for $0.99

When was the last time you sent a postcard to your mum or one of your friends? With SmilePostcard you can send a physical postcard, anywhere in the world, in 30 seconds (no sign up required). Take a photo, enter your message and the recipient's address, pay.
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Hi Hunters, I'm Manuel 👋 6 months ago I moved to Bristol, UK, after a couple of years "nomading" and living in my native Italy. Bristol is a great city but I felt the distance from my family and friends. Then one day I received a postcard from a friend and I was reminded of how special postcards are. In an age of likes, shares and retweets, a postcard is the old fashion way to say "I was thinking of you". But sending a personalised postcard today is still a tedious process. You usually need to sign up to a service, be on a laptop and go through multiple pages as if you are buying a car. SmilePostcards fixes this. Simply go to, upload your photo, enter your message and the recipient's address, pay (Apple Pay and GPay supported). The whole process takes no longer than 30 seconds and you can do it straight from your phone. No signup, no long forms. If you're a digital nomad travelling the world or simply living away from your family and friends, send them a postcard today. They will absolutely love the gesture. A digital photo might fake likes but a postcard gets real love. :) Looking forward to your feedback!
This is ace, amazing idea. Well done Manuel you wonderful man.
@hunterdoug ahah thanks buddy :)
Such a nice gift to give someone! I sent one to my parents after a trip to Sevilla and they loved it!!
@enthusiausted ok man thanks, that's amazing!
I like the service. I dislike the tricky wording around the pricing. whilst I can send a postcard to the US for 99c from anywhere in the world I can't send to anywhere in the world for 99c, or even for triple that.
@fontalamh I came to comment the same. Beautiful service but worst tricky wording....
@fontalamh Hey Rob, I didn’t mean to trick anybody but I agree it should say “from” $0.99 (as I say on the website). To apologise I’d like to offer you a SmilePostcard for free. Simply send one and then email me manuel @
Looks pretty nice! I need to do more things OFFLINE...