Smiirl Counter

An real-time counter of your Twitter, FB, or IG following

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This is cool: There's no clear indication to consumers that the counter is connected online, updated in real-time. I can imagine more people would feel compelled to follow the brand/company on Twitter, IG, or Facebook if they knew this. Thoughts, @goyer?
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@rrhoover Yes, we let the display around the product in the hand of our clients, the goal here is to provide a nice tool that can fit with most of the branding of shops, bars, restaurants...etc so we didn't want to impose anything around it. We know that our first clients speak a lot more of what they're doing online since they have the object and some of them build crazy displays (like "one like = one shot" in a bar...etc).
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@smiirl @gauthier_nadaud hello! When do you think the IG counter will update real-time?
@smiirl @gauthier_nadaud Haha, I got yah! We want it for our neighborhood bar. Let us know!!
Great idea! A colleague of mine built a counter like this from a simple Arduino board. It was a great gimmick. And Smiirl has the looks as well!
@michieldewit We also started with an arduino back in the days...I'd love to see pictures of yours!
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@Goyer, does Smiirl have an API to connect it with everything (Kickstarter, Charity ...) ?
@ylannw We're working on a custom version, everybody will be able to print it's own logo on the wood panel (and of course link-it to any online data through an API). This wil be live on the website in september (but we can already make them so shout us an email if you want to be one of the firsts!).
@goyer option for a non-branded version?
@clarklab Yes, coming soon ;)