Smell Dating

The first mail odor dating service

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Dating apps drive me mad because they are very rarely a new angle but I can't say that this is not a new angle.... I saw this earlier today and just didn't know what to think!! True/weird story... One of my ex girlfriends used to use a tshirt I'd worn for a day to smell while she went to sleep... guess its an actual thing! Lost a few t-shirts in the breakup though...
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@bentossell dude, it's all about the pheromones.
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@bentossell true story, two of my girlfriends (including my current one) love doing that!
Mail odor. I see what you did there.
This is... amazing.
How it works
  1. We send you a t-shirt
  2. You wear the shirt for three days and three nights without deodorant.
  3. You return the shirt to us in a prepaid envelope.
  4. We send you swatches of t-shirts worn by a selection of other individuals.
  5. You smell the samples and tell us who you like.
  6. If someone whose smell you like likes the smell of you too, we'll facilitate an exchange of contact information.
  7. The rest is up to you.
@chrismessina Just learned about the science behind this in a genetics class.. Turns out people's immune systems and the genes within them vary greatly. The more variation there is between your system & another person's, the more you will find them attractive (for evolutionary/survival reasons). The way we can sense this is through SMELL! If you find that someone smells good, it's indicative of them having an immune system that's varies from yours. They're a good 'fit' for you :)
This concept exists in reality. Interesting to see it in mail "odor" form. Check out the pheromone parties that go on all over the world
The catch line should be "The Nose Knows"