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Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
The convergence of tech and entertainment is here. If anyone should merge Silicon Valley and Hollywood, it's Troy Carter and Atom Factory, who've been leading the intersection of entertainment & tech for years (Troy previously managed Lady Gaga) There's been some skepticism about the convergence - most recently here: Most of the skepticism, IMO, is premature and unwarranted. Right now, the entertainment leaders getting involved - Ashton, Nas, Snoop, Gambino, Troy, Carmelo, Chamillionaire, Ryan Leslie - have a genuine interest in technology. We know this. Of course there are people just riding the tech wave, but there are people in all industries doing that, not just hollywood. Plus, the tech scene could use some culture, especially as a way to translate what's happening here to the rest of the world (think of how many developers and entrepreneurs The Social Network created). Of course, one should be vigilant to make sure it doesn't get too much, but I say welcome "the pretty people" - the ones that have a genuine interest in what we're doing, that is. The LAUNCH festival is going to have quite a bit of Hollywood. We're going to have a fireside / live AMA with Troy Carter Tuesday at the LAUNCH festival 2PM, and it will be livestreamed. (Snoop's manager, Nick Adler @nickyads, and Nas's manager, Anthony Saleh @dude_br0, will also be speaking.)
Ethan Kaplan@ethank · GM/CPO - Fender Digital
@eriktorenberg the relationship between the tech world and Hollywood is as old as Hollywood. In the 80s innovation from Pixar, SGI, etc lead to new categories in film and advertising. Tech companies drove formats for content (the CD, DAT, etc). Also artists like Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, etc integrated technology (both from the Valley and research institutions) into their work. Hollywood isn't a metonym for content or artistry anymore than technology is a metonym for engineering. It's an industry that involves just as much technology as content. More so in many cases and historically. I guess my point is: Troy, Ashton, etc are smart but what they are really doing is outwardly engaging with technology that typically hadn't informed the industries they are in. But they aren't new in that, just the latest.
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@lorikozlowski congrats on the launch! would love to hear more - what sparked the launch of smashd? what are your goals?
Lori KozlowskiMaker@lorikozlowski · Editorial Director, Atom Factory
@eriktorenberg Thank you, Erik! We're very excited. We launched Smashd because we saw a place in media where cutting edge tech and cutting edge culture could come together. Our goal is to be a new inclusive voice in tech -- that bridges these two worlds (tech and culture).
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch, @lorikozlowski, and thanks for featuring my interview from a few months back. As @eriktorenberg mentioned, tech and pop culture are converging which is especially excited for us. It's exciting to see ideas shared and collaboration across industries. What do you think is the driver of this movement?
Lori KozlowskiMaker@lorikozlowski · Editorial Director, Atom Factory
@eriktorenberg @rrhoover I think Silicon Valley has seen and knows how important content is to driving culture. And in reverse, Hollywood knows how tech has revolutionized how we experience entertainment. The place in between then becomes completely alluring.
cody@codysimms · Executive Director, Techstars
Congratulations @lorikozlowski! So stoked to see this in the wild. Very happy for you and the team at Atom Factory.
Lori KozlowskiMaker@lorikozlowski · Editorial Director, Atom Factory
@codysimms Thank you so, so much!!