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On Smash Notes you can sample the most interesting bits from podcasts. Every day, you quickly learn something new.
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Seems like a hell of a way to keep up with the deluge of fantastic content being put out in podcasts these days.
@kmore Just my thoughts exactly. Checking this out now!
@kmore thanks Kerry, you know it!
Hi Everyone, I am Kirill and I am the maker of Smash Notes. The goal is very simple - What if you could unlock all the knowledge in the 30 million+ estimated podcasts episodes that exist in the world today? Smash Notes gives you that ability. We unlock a lifetime of long-form audio content, and assemble insights on any subject, just for you. Smash started as a side project, but it quickly became obvious to me that so many more podcast hosts and listeners could benefit from sharing this platform. With just a click you can now learn about Justin Kan’s startup journey, and contrast and compare that with Ryan Hoover’s lessons from Product Hunt, get a peek at what Don Valentine of Sequoia thinks of Facebook, and see Paul Graham's thoughts of VCs and Y Combinator back in 2009. Podcasts hold an enormous amount of insights, but unless we unlock them, and make them discoverable, most of this amazing information will not be found. But you can help! If you share Smash Notes with your favorite podcaster, and encourage your friends to join in, we can all expand our knowledge and elevate so many new podcasts to greatness! Together, we can create a medium that make any long-form content, snackable, sharable, and thus accessible around the world. Let's talk about this. ps. Huge thanks for @kevin for hunting Smash. You rock!
@kevin @kirillzubovsky Congrats on the launch, this looks very handy
Ha! It gives a full written transcript of the podcasts if you click the title! So this is like a place to quickly browse for contents inside podcasts before wasting time listening. Cool!
@jenntoda Yup! You can read the notes or read a transcript, whatever you are into!
Great execution on this!
@porlando Thanks Paul, so much more to come! It's been a real joy seeing these highlights come together, and the opportunity is massive!
@porlando Paul, if you like unintended consequences, and I happen to know you do, you are going to love this bit from @jason new podcast -
Been using Smashnotes for a long time now and stoked to see it get some love on Product Hunt. So many good podcasts to listen to and so little time! Kirill is really good at extracting great content and finding a key moment in the podcast that highlights the big takeaways.
@davidsven Thanks David, glad you are a happy customer! It's only going to get better. Once a bunch more podcasters join in, you'd get a stream of incredibly useful information every single day!