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Lukáš Zajíc — Web designer / Founder of Smartmockups
Hi guys, I'm super excited to introduce you Smartmockups (thanks Özgür for hunting us :))

When you need to send a design to a client or just put together a quick presentation, you don’t want to go through hundreds of paid mockups and to deal with a lots of useful features. Of course, there is so many free resources but only as a PSD files that you need to download and edit. The quality is also not so good.

That’s why we’ve build Smartmockups. We want to put quality of mockups over their quantity and make the process seamless and fast. It will remain free and we plan some other things like bundles or Mac app with some advanced features and even more high quality content. It means that you don't need Photoshop. You just go to our website, pick your favorite mockup and upload your design. That's it!

We're happy to answer any questions so feel free to ask :)
Kevin Gauthier — Head of Design @
@iamlukaszajic Thanks for building a great tool. What's the monetization plan? Will this remain free to use or start charging eventually? I like these tools but as a designer I can't justify paying for one.
@kvgauthier @iamlukaszajic Hi Kevin, that’s a great question:) Smartmockups will remain free and we plan some other revenue stream than paying per image like premium content for designers, desktop apps with advanced features etc ;)
Daniel Gardner — Community guy, Ministério Fiel
@iamlukaszajic You won me at "free".

I tried the competition and was ready to pay, but their payment system rejected my card. Dismayed and discouraged, I've been sitting in a cave waiting for someone like you to create something like this. Thank you.

I can feel the sun.
Lukáš Zajíc — Web designer / Founder of Smartmockups
@daniel_gardner Well, maybe it was a sign that something better is coming! :)
Jason O. Jensen — Ph.D. candidate, Sociology
@iamlukaszajic wow that is super easy. Great tool!
shanewilliamson — Co-founder Mobile Monday Sydney
@onekvinda @kvgauthier @iamlukaszajic How about stop putting branded products in your mockups unless they pay for the privilege of being in the shot :-)
Daveyon Mayne — Developer
@iamlukaszajic Guess I'll still need PS to remove "localhost:3000" hahaha
Seth Louey — Product Maker & Founder
#PHReview: Smartmockups seems like a pretty great tool for getting mockups done in a timely manor for a client. I probably wouldn't use it for public consumption because I feel that the community might overuse the images and it will become the next stock photography. However, if you created a premium account that had custom mockups, it might reduce the overuse of said mockup and also generate revenue.
Lukáš Zajíc — Web designer / Founder of Smartmockups
@sethlouey Hi Seth, thank you for this review of Smartmockups. You're right that all free resources like stock photos and mockups are used on different projects. To avoid this, we're gonna release 5 new mockups every week so the collection will be bigger and bigger. We also want to connect with the best mockup creators and promote their free and premium mockup bundles via our site and upcoming Mac OS app.
Seth Louey — Product Maker & Founder
@iamlukaszajic ok, I see what you are doing here and let me tell you... it is awesome. :)
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