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#1 Product of the WeekJuly 22, 2016

Smartmockups App lets you create stunning marketing images without calling your designer. You don't even need any graphic software such as Photoshop or Sketch.

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When we first launced as a small side project, we never anticipated the overwhelmingly positive response we received from the PH community. As a result, we’ve decided to take things a bit further. We wanted something that would enable us to easily create complex mockups with more than just a single photo on a single device. That’s why we've developed the Smartmockups app. The Smartmockups app makes creating beautiful product screenshots a breeze, without using Photoshop. It offers over 200 premium mockups for both digital and printed products. It’s loaded with awesome scenes for responsive web designs and cool perspective screen mockups. Additionally, you can easily change background colors and select from a variety of background gradients. We’re launching the Smartmockups app exclusively on PH. You’ll receive a 30% discount by using promo code PRODUCTHUNT30 at checkout. We’re happy to answer any of your questions :)
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@onekvinda What if I only need to use 1 or 2 designs one time, do I need to purchase the entire app?
@rotemthegolfer Well, you can still use our free version on :)
@onekvinda Is the coupon-code entered after placing credit card credentials?
@thematthudson It's on the same page as the the credit card page (under the email) I must have accidentally turned the coupon input off while uploading a new update on Gumroad, but it should be visible again. Sorry for difficulties and thanks for letting me know.
Option for removing computer hardware branding would be nice. Never want to dilute branding by having an apple logo everywhere.
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I love this product and will find it useful, for sure. I especially want to acknowledge you guys for including differents shades of people's hands. It seems minute but it's a big deal to me. In some way, it shows inclusion. :)
@callmewilsar Thanks ;) More of those are coming soon, it was one of the biggest requests for a long time ;)
I just bought it and I love it. Easily the best tool for Mockups I have encountered ever. I only have one request for the next update: Don't use the discrete Graphics Card on a Retina MacbookPro. I know many Devs who are not aware of this issue, but it really makes a difference. Try disabling the helper agents that force the discrete graphics card to kick in.
Seems to be inspired very much by