Open source user consent SDK for iOS & Android Apps

* provides a configurable control panel with privacy options
* stores the selected options
* enables all texts to be fully localized
* enables linking to privacy policies in the app
Available for iOS & Android.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
I think component like this should be provided natively by iOS and Android. Nowadays every app has to deal seriously with user privacy. Kudos to Smartlook for creating this 🙌
After yesterday Apple event, it became clear that big companies try to care about privacy. Privacy becomes in focus (finally!). So you launched very timely.
Exactly @lisadziuba. Though I personally believe they're still either lagging or not flexible enough to create appropriate solutions. As @rstankov mentioned this should have been in the natively embedded into the OSs already. Lukcilly there's always a great deal of enthusiast who are willing to make great solutions and change world step by step. :) And the SmartlookConsentSDK is definitely our small contribution to the saga. I hope such solutions would be universally demanded for. The standardization will follow with that. :)
Congratulation with the launch! Keep rocking :)
Thanks @valiahavruliyk! :) we will. :)
I'm developer myself, so this looks very useful. thanks for making SmartlookConsentSDK.
@geek_1001 You're welcome. :) Feel free to use it and contribute to the repo if you find bugs or some enhancements venues.

Any mobile developer need this SDK


Privacy is just what we need nowadays


Not found so far

Hey Alex, we're happy to hear you like it. Thanks for your review.