SmartDesk mini by Autonomous

$249 Electric height adjustable standing desk w/ memory pad

SmartDesk mini turns any desk into an automatic standing desk. Now you can take autonomy over your workspace and enhance your health, focus and productivity at the office.

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Hi everyone! So happy to be back on Product Hunt :) Meet the new SmartDesk mini. We took what's at the heart of the original SmartDesk that we launched on Product Hunt a year ago, and re-engineered it to bring you our first ever electric table-top SmartDesk. The SmartDesk mini boasts all the original signature features, including the Smart Keypad and customizable height presets — for a smooth transition between your favorite working heights at the touch of a button. Now anyone can take autonomy over their workspace and enhance their health, focus and productivity at the office. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and product feedback here!
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What are the dimensions of the SmartDesk Mini? I want to know the dimension to make sure that it fits on my desk.
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@qthanh_le The SmartDesk Mini, which is 31.7 inches long and 23.1 inches, is designed to fit most (if not all) home desks and office desks. But, to be sure, measure your desk with an additional 1 inch of clearance in the front and on the sides to be sure it will fit.
I’m 6.3” and finding hard to have a standing desk which i comfortable for my height? Is that the thing that your smartdesk can solve?
@jahnguyen The SmartDesk Mini can be used by anyone of any height because it sits on top of your existing desk. To understand how tall the SmartDesk Mini will be combined with your existing desk, measure your desk and add the standing height (6 - 23 inch height range) for the SmartDesk Mini. The right way to stand at your desk and to achieve best posture is that the keyboard tray is at the height of your elbows.
What is the speed of SmartDesk mini?
@bryanvn The Smart Desk Mini Standing Desk raises and lowers at 1 inch per second approximately.
Neat! Just wonder whether the keyboard tray slide forward and back?
@halley_dang No, it is stationary for added stability.