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Hi everyone. Please feel free to leave a comment here or to email us at human@autonomous.ai if you have any questions. Happy to chat!
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@duyhtq I bought yesterday, I'm now typing while standing **today**. The shipping was INCREDIBLY fast. Assembly took ~40 mins or so. Really easy. I got the legs for my existing surface for only $400. So awesome. Thank you.
@aub hey, glad you enjoy it :) thanks for your support!
Thanks everyone for your orders!
@duyhtq @autonomous My birthday is coming up and it gives me a reason to make big purchases. I cannot wait to order this. This is the desk I've been looking for! I think the pricing is reasonable because desks in this space (minus the AI/Personal Assistant) are extremely expensive. I love this @duyhtq
@duyhtq @autonomous Hey Duy, Just had a horrible customer service experience. Do you still recommend this company?
@koridhandy at some point you have to upgrade your office desk as your body can't just keep going 8-10 hours a day sitting at a desk. i personally had a back pain problem a few years ago and i had no choice but switched to a standing desk. why not upgrade now and prevent the problem earlier rather than fix it later?
Can't wait to upgrade my ikea hack desk! Compared to what's on the market, the quality & "smart" features of SmartDesk made this a truly apples to oranges decision. Excited to see their product line continue to grow too.
@jonathancordeau awesome!!! please send us some photos once you set it up. can't wait to see what it looks like!
Dang, I didn't realize how pricey standing desks are when your office doesn't buy them for you
@bryantpeng i had the same concern when i bought my standing desk a few years ago. most of the standing desks back then were around $2,000. today, they are still around $1,500 or so. and their quality was just shitty. so we decided to build our own. our desk is under $500. it's 1/3 or 1/4 of other standing desks on the market. in case you don't know, our desk price is even lower than the flimsy ikea standing desk. but our desk quality is way superior and even better. you can see the customer feedback here on our kickstarter campaign. almost everyone around the world loves the product. https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... our team has a unique combination of experienced furniture makers, hardware engineers, and software engineers. we source every single components directly from the source. we cut out all the middlemen and pass on the savings to you. invest in your health :) it's never pricey!
@duyhtq Awesome desk. The basic one seems to start @ $618 instead of 'under $500', or am I looking in the wrong place? Under $500 plus the 20% seems like a great deal I wouldn't pass on.
@drew23 hey andy. you're looking at the right place. note that this includes FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING for these heavy bulk desks!
@duyhtq AH! Great point, love the deal :)
@duyhtq This is great. I've wanted to buy a standing desk for my home and price was the blocker. I will be ordering one for sure.
This is my next desk! WANT
Thanks everyone for your orders!