Smart Moderation

Stop Inappropriate Comments using Artificial Intelligence

Smart Moderation protects you by automatically removing hate speech, spam and troll attacks from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube using Artificial Intelligence.

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Thanks for posting @_jacksmith.! Hey Product Hunt! It is great to be featured in this awesome community! With Smart Moderation, we’re aiming to be the guardian angel of the social media moderation people. This is for everyone who wants to protect their online reputation but especially it is a perfect tool for marketers, enterprises, celebrities and digital agencies’ social media teams. Here are some highlights; -An Artificial Intelligence software that understands words like a human and analyses meanings of sentences automatically, instead of checking some specific keywords. -You can train your intelligence engine by changing the system’s decision status -Real-time data collection capability and delivers notification within 1 minute or less -Auto-hides inappropriate comments automatically instead of you until you switch back to manual moderation -Reply-Hide-Delete comments -Block spam-users -Keyword and date range based comment search -Facebook and Instagram integration (Just for now!) If you like Smart Moderation and want to try, Only Product Hunt Community is going to get trial for 30 days! We would appreciate any feedback or concerns you may have! Your thoughts are very important to ensure we deliver the best possible product to our subscribers. Thank you.
@memuted @_jacksmith is this a platform others can incorporate in their social tools or is it consumer focused?
@dbounds @_jacksmith Thank you for the question Darren. Smart Moderation works on our text analytics AI Platform which can also be integrated with social tools and customized.
@dbounds Hi Darren, I am happy to announce that Smart Moderation API is ready and doc is available on
@dbounds Already with Hootsuite :)
Insane that so much of the "make $300 an hour" spam gets through facebook's spam filters on comments. Will be interesting to see how this product does
@_jacksmith Yes Jack, this is one of the main cool thing of this intelligence. Smart Moderation understands words like a human and analyses meanings of sentences automatically, instead of checking some specific keywords. For example, if the word “f**k” is pre-defined in your keyword list, and if someone writes “f**ck you”, “fu**k you”, “f.*.*. k you” or alike on your Facebook page, unfortunately it is going to be published. You have to define all possible versions of these words which is a time-consuming task. What are you going to do about “f**king awesome” :) ? Also, Smart Moderation mostly understands Ads like "make $300 an hour" which is very difficult to catch with those Facebook filters.
I thought the Facebook API did not allow for 3rd party tools to do all the moderation actions such as hide comments etc?
@mattnavarra Thanks for this critical question. Our application is verified by Facebook and Instagram (Just for now! :) ) Our capabilities on Facebook Pages are; - Hide comments, - Delete comments - Reply Comments - Block users Our capabilities on Instagram Profile ; - Delete comments - Reply Comments
Congrats guys!
Very cool! Though I just checked out the online demo and I notice it still misses a good third of the spam. Do you guys plan to be updating this in the future to improve its blocking ability? Thanks.
@jeremymaluf Thank you for the question and feedback Jeremy. Smart Moderation works on high-tech text analytics. It has a proprietary self-learning intelligence engine. While no such technology is 100% accurate, our system is designed to get the best results. We have a dedicated team of trainers and our accuracy rates are getting better in parallel with the increase of usage every day. Users will train their intelligence engine by changing the system’s decision status. If you click on "ok" or "inappropriate" on your dashboard, you can change this decision and train your software assistant. :)
@memuted Thanks for the answer, that's awesome! Love that it's customizable. I'll definitely be trying it out!