Leapsome introduces smart, easy and fun performance reviews. What used to be a painful process can now be handled effortlessly by any manager. Our platform facilitates any kind of review: Simple, upwards, 360°, anonymous or not.

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Kajetan Armansperg
Co-Founder @ Leapsome.com
Hi Product Hunt! I’m Kajetan, one of the founders here at Leapsome. We’re excited to announce our smart 360° performance reviews module for fast-growing companies today. Performance review processes tend to be painful broken for a variety of reasons: # They happen only once a year: And let’s be honest, either you don’t remember the feedback you wanted to give during that important presentation, or it has become irrelevant a long time ago. # They lack guiding structure: Open-ended questions are usually hard to answer if there’s no clear definition of the dimensions you’re evaluating or what constitutes “good” and “needs improvement”. # As a result, it’s usually difficult to deduct actionable next steps for personal development: Generic answers don’t give enough guidance on where your strengths or weaknesses lie. # They cause huge headaches for HR departments who have to juggle countless excel sheets, remind employees to write their performance reviews and manually aggregate the results. We’ve therefore developed a module for smart 360° reviews that integrates neatly with our feedback, 1:1 meeting, and goal tracking modules. There are - obviously - a couple of other basic performance review providers out there but we’re doing a few things differently: # Very flexible and simple setup: Choose from any combination of self-evaluations, manager reviews or 360° reviews, anonymous or not. Our wizard guides you through the setup in less than 5 minutes. # 100% automated: Once set up, your review runs on auto-pilot: The platform reminds reviewers, peers and other participants to complete their to dos. Your HR team can sit back, relax and watch as results come in. # A strong focus on structured feedback: Use our best practice framework or define your company values or skills (at the company or team level). Linking reviews to skills and values helps to drive development-oriented reviews. Open-ended questions are obviously possible, too. # Integration of continuous feedback to write more accurate reviews: Even if reviews are only run once a year, you can always access previous feedback. No more note-taking throughout the year - you’ll find your feedback when you need it. # More actionable results for the participants: As feedback is given on certain values or skills, participants will know exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are. Managers can use the results to coach their teams more effectively. # Powerful analytics: All that structured feedback you collected flows into our analytics engine that allows you to compare teams, managers or individuals to make better succession or training decisions. Check it out at https://www.leapsome.com/product... - we’re here to answer your questions and are happy to open a demo account for you! Kajetan PS: For the first 50 people to request a demo, we’ll reserve an exclusive 15% discount :)
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Shreyaa Ratra
Making B2B sales easy via EasyLeadz.com
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