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#4 Product of the DayApril 18, 2017
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Robert GonzalesMaker@robertgonzal_ · Pixels & Code Designer
Hi 👋 ProductHunt! There are a lot of great chat platforms out there. Smallchat is different in one way: we built it for the little guys. The freelancer. The local business. The small team launching a side project here on ProductHunt. That means Smallchat has a free tier with no limits on the number of visitors, conversations, contacts, or operators. Your bill shouldn't go up if your site gets a wave of traffic (i.e. from ProductHunt) or a new member joins your team. We use Slack's new threads feature to keep all your conversations in one channel, so Smallchat doesn’t clutter up your Slack team with a bunch of new channels. Smallchat's just getting started, so leave a comment if you have any feedback or advice on what features should be highest priority on our roadmap.
Timothy Buck@timothybucksf · Product Manager
I've been beta testing Smallchat on my site ( for a few weeks now. It's super simple to add in Squarespace (just copy/paste the snippet into the code injection header textbox), and I was able to customize it to look nice with my site. Full Disclosure: I was involved with the launch and marketing of Smallchat.
Mark Krynsky@krynsky · Web @ XPRIZE & Lifestream Blog
@robertgonzal_ Love the concept of integrating this into Slack. My question is whether you offer support for multiple channels? In the pro tier it says "multiple sites". Does that allow me to customize the channel each site sends messages to?
Aeryk PayneMaker@aerykpayne · Designer, Smallchat
@krynsky @robertgonzal_ Hi Mark, Aeryk here. The Pro Tier does allow for multiple channels. So if you wanted one channel for `pricing` and another for `support` you could :)
Mark Krynsky@krynsky · Web @ XPRIZE & Lifestream Blog
@aerykpayne @robertgonzal_ thanks. That's helpful. So is the channel a variable we can set from the embed code?
Aeryk PayneMaker@aerykpayne · Designer, Smallchat
@krynsky @robertgonzal_ sort of, any time you create a new channel smallchat will generate a unique embed script for you. So you'd just add that script to whatever pages you'd want that channel to chat with.
Alex White@alexwhitedev · Freelance web dev, entrepreneur.
Really like this, especially compared to some of the alternatives I've tried. Very simple, sleek and customizable. On-boarding is fast, and pricing is fair! I'll definitely be replacing drift with this later tonight.
Aeryk PayneMaker@aerykpayne · Designer, Smallchat
@alexwhitedev Thanks Alex! :) We hope you enjoy our product
Alex White@alexwhitedev · Freelance web dev, entrepreneur.
@aerykpayne Got it implemented and everything looks great, definitely enjoying! Keep up the great work 👍
Tobi Rohmann@toomaime · Founder
Wow....just tried it out on a react app. Works perfectly!
Jay HarrisMaker@jhartist · Developer, Smallchat
@toomaime Thanks! We're big React fans - we built both the embed widget and the dashboard in React with mobx and Firebase.
Gabe Will@hlvtndesign · Designer, 52inc
Nice job on the launch! Always pumped to see cool stuff coming out of SC. :)
Jay HarrisMaker@jhartist · Developer, Smallchat
@hlvtndesign Woot! All three of the designer/devs who worked on this are from SC. We're big fans. :)
Aeryk PayneMaker@aerykpayne · Designer, Smallchat
Thanks :) We love Greenville!
James Futhey@futhey · Product Design Consultant
Wow, really awesome product. Going to start using this right now!
Aeryk PayneMaker@aerykpayne · Designer, Smallchat
@futhey Thanks James, hope you enjoy using smallchat. Let us know if you have any questions.