Slack integration for chatting with visitors to your website


Robert Gonzales
@robertgonzal_ · Pixels & Code Designer
Hi 👋 ProductHunt! There are a lot of great chat platforms out there. Smallchat is different in one way: we built it for the little guys. The freelancer. The local business. The small team launching a side project here on ProductHunt. That means Smallchat has a free tier with no limits on the number of visitors, conversations, contacts, or operators. Your … See more
Alex White
@alexwhitedev · Freelance web dev, entrepreneur.
Really like this, especially compared to some of the alternatives I've tried. Very simple, sleek and customizable. On-boarding is fast, and pricing is fair! I'll definitely be replacing drift with this later tonight.
Tobi Rohmann
@toomaime · Founder Teacherjobs.io
Wow....just tried it out on a react app. Works perfectly!
Gabe Will
@hlvtndesign · Designer, 52inc
Nice job on the launch! Always pumped to see cool stuff coming out of SC. :)
James Futhey
@futhey · Founder, Gumshoe.io
Wow, really awesome product. Going to start using this right now!