Slumber Bear

A tool for finding your perfect sleep cycle.

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2019

The world is changing, yet the majority of us are still sticking to typical sleeping patterns, even though they may not be perfect.

Slumber Bear helps you find popular, alternative sleeping patterns, pick one that is right for you then helps plan them out for you.

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Hi PH 👋 First, a shout out to @daviswbaer for hunting me, and being a great help! "Bear" with me whilst I give a quick intro to Why and What of Slumber Bear. I have always struggled with my sleeping patterns, I always found that I couldn't sleep the entire night, but then wouldn't be able to make it through the next day either. I would end up feeling pretty... Grizzly... Ok, enough un-bear-able bear puns, I promise. Anyway, During college, I found myself naturally gravitating towards sleeping 4-5 hours per night, and then having a nap during the day (usually between lectures). It was the little bump I needed to keep me focused throughout the day. Little did I know, this is close to something known as the "Biphasic" Sleeping cycle (popular in hotter climates). This got me searching, and I found a whole heap of information and alternative sleep cycles. So, I made Slumber Bear to help you find popular alternative sleep cycles, learn which ones may fit you, plan your schedule and have more productive, less yawn-intensive days. -- It is great to finally stop lurking and post something of my own! This is a project purely for fun and I hope some of you get use out of this, I would love to hear if you decide to go down the path of changing out your sleeping cycle, and how that goes. Also, any and all feedback is more than welcome!
Your old sleep pattern is exactly what I’m struggling with now. I always thrived doing work overnight during college but it’s hard now with 2 kids and a wife who wants to see me every now and then. Definitely going to check this out and see if there’s something else that could fit into my life.
@chrisgscott I completely get where you are coming from!! IO am currently on a Bi-Phasic sleeping pattern. , it works nicely as I work remotely and my partner works a typical job (9-5). Meaning I go sleep with her, wake up mid way through her sleep, then nap somewhere in the day whilst she is at work. Allowing my free time/waking time to line up with hers nicely. I can only imagine adding more factors (like kids) into the mix makes it hard to try other, more extreme cycles. But, my plan is to add more cycles that may be more usable, as well as improve the schedule (to actually book it into you calendar, maybe even hook it to google home (or alexa). So, hopefully I stumble upon an ideal
A couple of suggestions: - Make it a little more clear what “start your cycle” means. Is that the time you wake from the main sleep time. Or the time that main sleep time begins? - It would be awesome to see an example sleep schedule for each sleep type. I think that would help people quickly see if one might be a better fit over another for their lifestyle/schedule. - I’d love to see some content that covers the “how-to” of switching sleep cycles. What to expect. How to know if it’s going to be optimal vs if a cycle isn’t a fit. I’m assuming there’s an adjustment period, but what’s the difference between “I’m just adjusting” and “this isn’t working”. - Would it be possible to create a quiz of some sort that asks some questions about our current sleep pattern, our level of alertness, schedule/lifestyle needs then recommend a pattern or two we should consider? Might make it easier to hone in on the right pattern (+ allow you to build a mailing list for when you decide to monetize). - As far as feeling awake and alert, are all of these cycles the “same”? Meaning, if the Everyman cycle is for me, will I feel refreshed and alert during my wake periods? Anyway, this is awesome. Thanks so much for putting it together! Can’t wait to really dig in and try to find my optimal pattern.
@chrisgscott Wow, thank you so much for so many awesome ideas!! The "start sleep cycle" always felt a bit weird to me too, so I have put that at the top of my list. A "how to" is also a great idea, some may not know what to expect when swapping (instant results, for example). Examples are a great idea too, I did do little clock-icons but I don't think those are clear enough, maybe an actual timeline is better, and be displayed on the individual cycle-pages themselves. And yes, all cycles are not built equally. Someone I work with actually tried the Uberman Cycle as an experiment, and found that they were tired all the time, missing alarms, etc and just could not transition, even after an extended period. The issue is, these are very personal variables, so may have to do sweeping-pros/cons with great detail. (Maybe "difficulty indicator"? and, a quiz is also a good idea. taking "find your perfect sleep cycle" to the next level. I will have to brainstorm on that and see what questions to ask. -- Do you mind if I add you to my notes, so that I can ping you whenever all these changes are added and see if they help you more?
@kieranparker77 Happy to help in any way I can!
This is great stuff and perfectly timed for me. Thank you for doing this! I agree with the others that a timeline visualization of each sleep pattern would be super handy. I'm not the best with numbers 😂 Can you share a few links to the underlying research?
I like that it explains the type of sleep patterns. I don't like that it recommends setting up an alarm.
@upvotesclub Thanks for the feedback!! Could you expand on that a little more? The idea I had was that it helps people calculate alarms (and sleep times) based upon their selected cycle, but maybe you would be interested in more information/the idea behind each sleep cycle?