Simulate slow connection so you can optimize sites for speed

slowcalhost aims to encourage developers to build high performance and fast sites by slowing down http://localhost
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?makers, how does this differ from the network & cpu throttling that is embedded in the Chrome Devtools? I've checked the source on GitHub, but it looks like it's calling the same API's, and thereby I don't see what this extension provides me that the native "mobile throttling" can not.
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hi @smeijer that's a good question! As you mentioned the extension uses the same API except that it enables throttling automatically (even when the dev tools are closed) when you are surfing localhost. So basically it is an opt-out model instead of the standard opt-in. IMHO you've got to experience the pain of a poorly performant site in order to start to really care. I have a super powerful Macbook Pro but ideally I should be developing on a laptop from 8 years ago with IE11 🙀 in order to make perf first-class citizen :)
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Thanks @giuseppegurgone for a new opportunity of testing a website!
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Haha, nice product thumbnail 🐢
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@rrhoover 😹 If you gotta go, go with a smile!
Hi friend! 👋 I am releasing this tiny browser extension that simulates slow internet connection (3G) and CPU for http://localhost (all the ports) by using the dev tools' debugger APIs. The extension is for web developers with powerful machines and fast connection and aims to encourage developers to build high performance and fast web sites. Note that at any time you can disable the extension and exit debugging mode to return back to normal speed. The source code for the extension can be found here
The turtle is the difference. Nicely done.