Create a simple page to gather opinion & collect money

This could be used as a typical survey tool or way to accept payments (w/ its Stripe integration). It would be nice if this was embeddable.
@rrhoover @tavani Good point. But there is also a segment who are using Wordpress precisely because they can't do these things themselves. To target the non-experienced 'embed user' maybe you could think of a way integrate via a Wordpress plugin or something. Oh, and I think a benefit for this type of user would be the 'seamless integration' within their own brand website. Great job.
@rrhoover We decided to not allow embeds because in our own behavior we wanted/liked services that just handled everything on their URL. The way Eventbrite does or Splash. Also, people who can embed on their own site are not too many more steps away from just building this into their own site. That's not the user we're going after. Thanks & awesome to see the response of PH. Good stuff.
Thanks Ryan. Fantastic job w/ PH btw. Big fan. Ultimately, I believe demand testing is the new crowdfunding. We see Slingput as a cross between a few things: light crowdfunding, landing pages, forms, surveys, simple payment accepting. But, the best products in the world are about the nuances. Slingput's bet is that the only three tactical things you need to take any idea (literally anything - product, startup, community projects, etc) to the next level is to collect feedback (light survey - 5 questions max), email addresses (most powerful way to build your initial community - PH knows this well) and payment (if the idea is at the phase where actually making it happen is the next step). The creator of the Slingput page has the option of asking questions or accepting payment or not. Our core design belief is that the user should be boxed-in on design and options so that the page can be created in a few minutes so that the hurdle to getting an idea out to people is low. A beautiful and simple Slingput page can be created in 3-4 minutes max. When friction gets added to the process, people don't end up posting their raw ideas and some good feedback in those early ideas could have been found. Also, our bet is that all people nowadays have a big enough audience to get just enough feedback - whether it be 300 Facebook friends or a few hundred Twitter followers. Initially, an idea doesn't need a gigantic audience to gauge interest. Just a tweet and Facebook post get enough people to your Slingput page to gauge interest. Here are personal use cases - yes, I'm eating my own dog food. - founding member campaign for my incubator - charity; not the prototypical use case but it works well - testing pre-demand; should we create more schwag We're pushing hard on the product and iterating on use cases a lot, so I'd love any feedback - good and bad - on Slingput. Thanks. Michael
@tavani Looks pretty slick. I totally agree about the email, feedback and payment. I had built something similar to this a few years back, but never got much traction. Will be curious to see what people use for. I would also suggest a discovery page so I can view other projects on there. Also, I would recommend using SSL, especially as it's required by Stripe. - Good Luck :)
@johnmurch Thanks John. Nailing the use cases is a big step for us. It has a bunch of disparate applications now. We're honing in on a few that seem to make sense. It was originally built because I didn't want to hack together a few other uses and found that all I was needing on most ideas was an email, a few simple questions answered and payment occasionally. SSL: yes. We're on that. Thanks for the support & send over any other feedback as it comes to you. michael at slingput dot com
So after seeing Slingput I had an idea. Then I built it VERY quickly, using Slingput. (Single biggest request- preview, not just publish button but SUPER easy to use- very nice product.) And now I'm just throwing it out there: Edit: Ah. I also thought donation was optional when collecting information but it looks like if you have Donation on they have to donate to submit info?
@MackFlavelle Thanks for the feedback Mack. Like iPoll's idea. Yep, all fields are required - we'll make payment optional but wanted to keep it super simple at first. Keep feedback coming and let me know when you build more pages.
I love that guy's enthusiasm in the video :) "woah..."
@ezrasuki He was probably 4 cups of coffee deep. The advantages of shooting an anthem video at a coffee shop?!
Great idea! And brilliant execution (esp the video). Speaking of, how about video support for Slingput pages? For MVP, possibly allowing for embedded videos in the description field. A step up might be a play button over the header. Video is WAY more effective for guys with ideas like your over-cafinated "idea guy" in your own video. His idea wouldn't be nearly as compelling with just an image ; )
@rsweetland Thanks & great feedback. Initially, we didn't want to scare page creators with a video option. Having a video option feels daunting. But, agreed it makes for compelling content - will likely be an option in V2 or V3.
@tavani Make sense. Links to videos work in the meantime. Hope this takes flight for you. Perfect customer development tool!