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A big thank you to the awesome team at Product Hunt and to @ozgrozer for hunting us! ❤️ I hope SlimFAQ is helpful to some of you guys, we built it initially to solve a problem for us on our other products (e.g. but it seemed like a pain point that others were having too. By integrating with Intercom we think it makes a near perfect user support solution. Also thanks for all feedback good or bad, we are listening to everything and planning a roadmap of features accordingly. Team SlimFAQ
@dynjo @ozgrozer Have you considered generating FAQs from incoming on Intercom or even Outlook?
@shloky interesting idea! We also wondered about allowing users to suggest questions
Not great first impression: Your connection is not private , SSL warning. And right after that I get an ABC website? :O only happening to me?
@deambulando I just wanted to ask if it is just me who sees the red ssl sign... ( this is totally not safe )
@deambulando Adding onto this getting the exact same thing.......
@dshan @natelegler @deambulando interesting. Currently we can't reproduce the error but I'll continue to look into this. We take security very serious. I've checked our DNS settings and SSL certificates. Everything seems to be fine from our end. I'll keep you posted if I find anything or can reproduce the problem. Could you check the page in a new private window or other browser? Thank you. UPDATE: The issue has been identified (DNS settings) and has been resolved. Please let me know if you still have trouble accessing the site. Thanks!
@dshan @natelegler @deambulando ok. We found the issue - it has to do with our domain provider - I'm looking into this and we'll try to resolve it as fast as possible. Thank you for pointing this out. UPDATE: We are using Cloudflare for DNS and this seems to be part of a greater issue (e.g. we are not the only ones serving the wrong page under our URL). CloudFlare is investigating the issue - I'll keep you up to date. UPDATE (2): The issue has been resolved. It was a problem on the DNS level - 1/3 of all requests resolved to another website (this was due to us using Heroku + Cloudflare with a faulty setup). Now everything should work as expected. Sorry for the troubles! Enjoy SlimFAQ!
Nice, I always wanted to have something like that!
Exactly what I was looking for!
@loaibassam Glad to hear! :-)
Cool product. Any way to host this on one's own domain?
@dfinzer Custom domains coming shortly :-)
@dfinzer Custom Domains for SlimFAQ went live this week! 🚀 Let me know if you need any help setting it up!