With Slido for Google Slides you can:
📊 Create polls without leaving your presentation
🙋‍♀️ Collect the most burning questions with live Q&A
⏯ Present without switching between Slido and Google Slides
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Hey Product Hunt, Juraj from Slido here 👋 Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina I'm incredibly excited to announce our new integration with Google Slides, the easiest way for everyone to make their presentations more engaging. Whether you’re presenting to your team, in front of a class, or running a training session, you can instantly create live polls and add Q&A to your presentation as you’re working on your slides. Rather than switching between Slido and your presentation, you’ll be able to run both with one click. It’s the presentation experience we wanted for ourselves. You can also read more about what drove us to build the integration here: https://medium.com/@jurajpal/htt... We'd love you to give it a try and let us know what you think. We will be answering all your questions here today 💬 Great job everyone working on this - Dominik, David, Anna, Mario, Andrej, Alex, Martin, Silvia, Samuel
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I’ve been using it for my events - STHLM TECH FEST and STHLM TECH Meetups. It’s a game changer. Now the people watching the live stream can engage and ask the speakers questions, participate in the presentations etc. Also a god send for event organizers and moderators for figuring out the right questions to ask in real time. Also a huge value added for the audience. It’s dead simple. Such a well designed product. The team behind this deserves much credit.
@tyler_crowley1 Thank you for the kind words, Tyler! Sending greetings to Sweden 🇸🇪
I have been using Slido both in-person presentations and webinars. I have learned to use the polls to go beyond simple hand voting and get feedback on the types of things I want to know but require anonymity -- current job satisfaction, strengths and weaknesses of a product leader, stage of career. I also find it very helpful for Q & A where folks are more comfortable asking tough questions anonymously, and I love having a record in writing of all the questions -- helps me stay in touch with the audience. I now use Google Slides with the new integration so results pop up automatically for all to see. Fun. In webinar I use Google Slides + Zoom + Slido and it all magically works together.
@gibsonbiddle Thanks Gib! Appreciate this comment and all the feedback you've provided us along the journey. We're just getting started.
I've been using this integration for a few months now and it has totally changed my workflow during meetings. As a single presenter running group meetings almost everyday (from 5-50 people), I'm always looking to make them more engaging and to sure that we're staying on track. With this integration I am able to do this seamlessly without leaving my presentation or having to rely on other colleagues to help me. It's great to feel self-sufficient and know that we're truly making the most of the time spent together in meetings
@jo_massie1 Thanks Jo! 🙏🏼
Slido team rocks and it's a great addon.
@sprinter Appreciate that, Alex! 🙇🏻‍♂️