Slides Framework

Animated web presentations and landing pages in HTML/CSS 😻

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What I dream of is being able to graphically edit the content for the pages at the slides site, and push to a hosted server. Will someone please build that?
Hey guys, This is version 3.0 of our Slides Framework, here is full list of new features and enhancements
Oh yeah! We did it! P.S. Be sure to ask us anything about the product 😻
@stsilent Do you have examples of how customers have used it? (looks great btw). Also - I use the PH chrome extension. When your site is in the iframe, the links don't work. At first I thought it was broken.
@mscccc Hey Mike, we have a bunch of showcases on our presentation page.
@mscccc Sure, check this out, Mike: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) These websites were built on Slides Framework.
@mscccc can confirm the bug. Trying to investigate the problem, but looks like the PH code interfering somehow with the code of Slides. Will fix! Thanks for letting us know.
Lol at that CTA πŸ˜†
Awesome work.