Slides Framework

Animated web presentations and landing pages in HTML/CSS 😻


Stowe Boyd
@stoweboydΒ Β· futurist, researcher, iconclast
What I dream of is being able to graphically edit the content for the pages at the slides site, and push to a hosted server. Will someone please build that?
Edvard Khondkaryan
@edoamΒ Β· Managing Partner at Designmodo
Hey guys, This is version 3.0 of our Slides Framework, here is full list of new features and enhancements https://designmodo.com/slides/ch...
Vladimir Kudinov
@stsilentΒ Β· Design @Designmodo / nextbigme.com
Oh yeah! We did it! P.S. Be sure to ask us anything about the product 😻
James O'Sullivan
@james_osullivanΒ Β· CEO, Sullstice
Lol at that CTA πŸ˜†
Tanislav Robert
@roberttanislavΒ Β· Tanislav Robert
Awesome work.