Slides Framework by Designmodo

Create a website with stunning animations and clean code

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We are really excited to announce our most beautiful product Slides Framework. With Slides you can create stunning websites with a few clicks. The big part of the product is the Template Generator where you can combine different slides, choose from different animations, customize navigation, preview result and download it. The product also contains PSD and Sketch files. Would love to hear PHers feedback and suggestions. P.S. We would like to give 20% discount for all PHers, use code "PH20" at the checkout to claim it.
Amazing work! Looking forward to use it on Panda Network's upcoming projects :)
@ahmetsulek cool! looking forward to see it.
Woah, how'd you get Jony Ive to do the voiceover on the explainer video? :) Joking aside, this looks very slick. Definitely worth a check.
As always, you guys do great work. Have you considered providing an editor to swap out text and images, etc. before downloading the raw files?
@joshuapinter Thanks man! That's actually a great idea ofc we were thinking about that but it's huge amount of work so not sure that we'll be able to do that in near future but will see :) For now we have Template Generator where you can customize Slides.
Very clean and minimal work! Congrats !