Slides Framework 2.0

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Hey guys, Here is the full list of new features in 2.0 Also you can download for free all the PSD and Sketch files And of course we have coupon code "PRODUCTHUNT" with 25% Off
@edoam Tried the code on Qards as I'd love a blog component. Any chance of rolling out a discount to that as well?
@colemercer you can use code "dribbble" with 25%
Thank you so much for creating this. Finally something like this exists. Haven't got a chance to use the product itself but based on the videos I'm sold
@rustinrassoli Thanks Rustin, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Great job guys! Looks beautiful and generator is awesome. @edoam kudos!
Looks nice @edoam. If it's not built on Wordpress, how does the building work? Only through HTML/CSS editors? Are you providing hosting as well?
@colemercer Thanks Cole, We built Generator where you can choose different blocks combine it together choose animation and export HTML.
What are the big updates since the launch recently?
@bentossell Now with Slides Template Generator you can export ready-to-use pages and scroll them as a regular page, which was very popular user request since release. Now with 2.0, you can have 2 different type of websites using 90+ Slides and components: Slides for promo pages/landings and Scroll for all other needs, for example, long-read page or portfolio. Slides 2.0 presentation and it's other sub-pages was made with itself as a proof of a concept. We used the same Slides from the framework, added a jQuery plugin for panorama image, tweaked the layout a bit and added a dozen lines of custom code to it's final stage. We also added new 22 Slides and 3 Samples. New effects, examples, updated manual.