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Create impressive animated websites in minutes. 😻

#4 Product of the MonthAugust 2018

Create amazing websites in minutes and export ready-to-use code. Responsive, retina-ready, animated. Easy to change and quick to build.

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51 Reviews4.8/5

I use it for my clients adn I like the clean code and beautiful anaimations.


Easy to use

No dependence from online builders

Lifetime websites

Unlimited websites

Easy to integrate to CMS's if you are a backender


Basic coding knowledges

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Used it to make my site's company and gonna use this new version to make a refresh of the site. As a web developer you find yourself too busy doing sites for others and forget about doing your own site, slides got us covered. Worth every penny! 🤘


Super fast static site development.


No cons, really.. latest update killed any cons.

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Luis, could you please share your website? I believe it must be amazing. Makers, you did a great job! Thanks
Designmodo deserves all success that comes their way. Many incredible resources. We've built our most recent site using Startup Framework
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@jacob_rezi Thanks Jacob
First thing that came to mind was wix. Then I visit the site and seriously, just wow. I have been involved in software development since the late 90's. And this, this, this is what website front end development should work like. $250 a year? If you are a web front end developer and are not yet shouting at these guys to take your money, you are losing out on tons of profits. Here is hoping you guys reach the top most tier in client acquisition. Nice.
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